Department of Economics


Maximilian v. Ehrlich


Recent Working Papers & Work in Progress

  • Cities and the Structure of Social Interactions: Evidence from Mobile Phone Data, with Konstantin Büchel, University of Bern Discussion Paper 1608, 2016, new version 01/2019 download.

  • On the optimal design of place-based policies: A structural evaluation of EU regional transfers, with Yashar Blouri, University of Bern Discussion Paper, 2017,  version 03/2019 download.

  • Calling from the outside: The role of networks in residential mobility, with Konstantin Büchel, Diego Puga and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal download.

  • The Role of Geography and Political Fragmentation for Residential Development: Evidence from 1919 to 2015, with Christian Hilber and Olivier Schöni

  • The Amplifying Effect of Capitalization Rates on Housing Supply, with Simon Büchler and Olivier Schöni, CRED Discussion Paper 24 download.

Selected Publications

  • The Persistent Effects of Place-Based Policy: Evidence from the West-German Zonenrandgebiet, with Tobias Seidel, 2018, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy  download.
  • Income Taxes, Sorting, and the Costs of Housing: Evidence from Municipal Boundaries in Switzerland, with Christoph Basten and Andrea Lassmann, Economic Journal, 2017 download.
  • The Taxation of Bonuses and its Effect on Executive Compensation and Risk-Taking - Evidence from the UK Experience, with Doina M. Radulescu, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2017 download.
  • Regional implications of financial market development: Industry location and income inequality, with Tobias Seidel, European Economic Review, 2015 download.
  • Absorptive Capacity and the Growth and Investment Effects of Regional Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, with Peter H. Egger and Sascha O. Becker, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2013 download.
  • The Role of Online Platforms for Media Markets – Two-Dimensional Spatial Competition in a Two-Sided Market, with Tanja Greiner, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2013 download.
  • Too Much of a Good Thing? On the Growth Effects of the EU's Regional Policy, with Peter H. Egger and Sascha O. Becker, European Economic Review, 2012 download.
  • Going NUTS – The Effect of EU Structural Funds on Regional Performance, with Sascha O. Becker and Peter H. Egger, Journal of Public Economics , 2010 download.

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